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Donations are our biggest source of funds! Many people donate because they’ve enjoyed a program, or appreciated the use of the meeting rooms, or in memory of a loved one. Others donate to support certain collections like audiobooks, gardening books, or children’s materials. Whatever your reason, make a donation today!

To donate through our Paypal account now, click below.

To donate by check, make payable to Bedford Public Library System Foundation and mail to: Bedford Public Library System 321 N Bridge Street Bedford VA 24523.


Memorials are donations made in honor of a friend or relative who has passed. It’s an easy way for loved ones to designate donations that are then used to purchase books, dvds, or audiobooks for the library system.  Family members can request general subjects related to special interests or preferred reading of their loved one. A bookplate is created for each item so that anyone borrowing it will know in whose honor it was donated; this information is also included in the catalog entry.


With your planned gift, the BPLSF can foster opportunities to maintain and grow your library system. All donations or bequests over $1000 will be memorialized on our donor tree for future generations to admire.

Why support the BPLSF?

  1. Champion the development of library programs and activities for all age groups.
  2. Enhance your community’s quality of life through a family-friendly organization.
  3. Leave a lasting legacy to the library without giving up assets now.


BPLS Tote Bag
BPLS Tote Bag

Our Stewartsville and Montvale Libraries run year round book sales to raise funds for the Foundation. These books make great gifts, or are perfect for adding to your personal collection. All library branches have reusable tote bags available for purchase. These are terrific for carrying your library books, and can be used for lots of other tasks like groceries or an extra bag when packing for a trip. We also have 10gb flash drives which are great for transferring files, backing up really important documents, and saving favorite photos. Shop knowing that your purchase supports your library!


Our first cafe began at Bedford Central Library in May 2008. Over the next six months, the cafe grew in popularity and was deemed a success. As a result, in January 2009, the cafe was expanded to Forest Library and again in November of 2011 to Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake Library. Montvale has recently begun offering a very limited selection of items as well.

When it began, the cafe offered only hot drinks and few snacks. Today, most cafe locations provide an assortment of hot and cold beverages, kid-friendly snacks, crackers, nuts, and pastries.

Menu and Prices

Coffee (16 oz.) – $1.00
Hot Chocolate (16 oz.) – $1.00
Hot Tea (16 oz.) – $1.00
Water – $1.00
Juice – $1.00
Starbucks Frappuccinos – $1.75

Coffee Carafe – serves 8 (8 oz.) cups for meetings – $8
Limited availability, call branch for information.

Snacks vary based on availability and are priced as marked. Usual selections include cracker packs, fig newtons, various candy bars, gummy fruit snacks, and bakery items such as muffins.

Locations and Hours

Bedford Central Library
321 N. Bridge Street
Bedford VA 24523

  • Monday – 9:00a to 5:30p
  • Tuesday – 9:00a to 7:30p
  • Wednesday – 9:00a to 5:30p
  • Thursday – 9:00a to 7:30p
  • Friday – 9:00a to 5:30p
  • Saturday – 9:00a to 5:30p
  • Sunday – Closed

Forest Library
15583 Forest Rd.
Forest VA 245521

  • Monday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Tuesday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Wednesday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Thursday – 10:00a to 7:30p
  • Friday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Saturday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Sunday – Closed

Moneta/Smith Mtn Lake Library
13641 Moneta Rd.
Moneta VA 24121

  • Monday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Tuesday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Wednesday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Thursday – 10:00a to 6:30p
  • Friday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Saturday – 10:00a to 5:30p
  • Sunday – Closed

Montvale Library (coffee only)
11575 W. Lynchburg-Salem Tnpk Montvale VA 24122

  • Monday – 10:00a to 4:30p
  • Tuesday – 10:00a to 6:30p
  • Wednesday – Closed
  • Thursday – 10:00a to 4:30p
  • Friday – 10:00a to 4:30p
  • Saturday – 10:00a to 4:30p
  • Sunday – Closed

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